Thursday, September 21, 2017

BPS Review: Sailor Moon Water decals

OMG shut up! SAILOR MOON WATER DECALS! I am done! When BornPretty Store started selling there I lost my mind! You all know I am the biggest Sailor moon fan - so I just had to get my talons on these! And once more BornPretty Store did not disappoint! 

They come in a set of 3 designs, and somehow I ended up with a Sherlock extra. Since I am not a fan of that show I will stick to my Sailor moon. The size of a sheet is 8 x 6,5 cm and feature at least 20 designs per sheet, thou the designs tend to repeat themselves in different sizes. And they come at the low cost of 0.99$ which makes them super affordable no matter your beauty budget. 

The best way to use such colorful water decals is to put them over a white base so you can make sure they shine as they were intended. And that is what I did. I just wanted to use the pretty heart compact icons, some small stars to fill in the gaps and a classic sailor moon image. I adore these water decals, since I know I could never achieve such clear images if I would attempt to free hand draw any of it. 

Here you can see all the images I used. I choose the ones with the most Sailor moon transformation gear, since the 3rd decal featured mostly Usagi making funny faces, and those I will for sure use another day. 

Like the rest of any other water decals by BornPretty store these here are flawless. Easy to apply and simple to use. All you need is some water a bit of patience when it comes to setting them on your nails. Dry them off and apply some top coat. If any of the decal is sticking over the nail just dissolve it with acetone when you clean up your nail edges like you would with any other nail art.  

I adore the new BPS water decals and they are just as good as any others I got from them. So head on over to their store and don't forget to use the 10% OFF coupon RJL91 :)


*the item was sent to me for my honest review*

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

NOTD: Fall roses

Waaaa most of the flowers are gone by the end of the Summer. I don't like flowers, but I do grow roses with a passion, they are one of the few flowers I can stomach.
So I wanted to pour all my melancholy over the end of rose season on these nails, full of Fall colors. I like how they turned out - but I still feel like there is something missing - maybe leave your answer in the comments? :)

The base polishes are all such that they feature shimmer or glitters, which means they look very cool when they move. And at the same time they are so hard to take photos off - infuriating. But feel free to drool over the Fantasy fire based accent nail, that looks like pure magic.

For this manicure I used MaxFactor Fantasy fire, Essence Irraplaceble, Catrice Khaki perry and In the armee glow as the base polishes. The stamps are made with a portion of the MoYou London Gothic 7 plate and BPS Black stamping nail polish and Barry M Gold foil on the accent nail. 

Don't skip on visiting Glam - express that is a great source for all types of beauty posts. 


NOTD: Dark glam

The temperatures are lower, the nights are longer and all the Fall trends are starting to roll in. Once more the season of dark colors, metallics and vampy glam is upon us. So to get ready for the upcoming Fall/Winter season I created this mani, that is trying to display all the usual trends that make their comeback in this time of the year.  

I love how these turned out! Can you see all the crazy dimensions of the mani? I used the Essence You are my sunshine, yellow shimmer polish I am holding here. It will never be opaque on its own, but to add it to a dark nail polish and you can see the magic right here! <3 

For this manicure I used Catrice Vino tinto as base, the dimensional stamps are made with Essence You are my sunshine and BM-316 stamping plate. The top stamps are made with Color club Gingerbread man and pueen45 stamping plate. 

Check out Glam - express to see more of the Fall/Winter trends in the beauty community. 


TUTORIAL: Holo bubble nail art

Sunny skies are the best time to take your holos out. Meaning the Summer months are the best time to wear holos, but they are a bit 'diva' when it comes to using them in nail art. You never know how it will turn out. So I decided to make this look with them, it is very simple, but the point is to show off as many holos as you can. 

For this manicure you need a dotting tool, with 2 different sized tips. A non holo neutral polish, I used Essence I got a crush on blue. And 3 holos, make sure they don't look to similar or it will all look like it is the same shade. I used Jade Hypnose, Color club Crystal baller and Harp on it. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. No need to be as messy as I was here :)
Step 2: Create 2 - 4 big dotts with the polish shade you want to shine most. Make sure these are the biggest ones.
Step 3: Make more big dots around the existing ones. They should be in a vague line, not all over the place.
Step 4: Make more big dotts with the last shade you choose. Also add smaller dots in all 3 colors, I was going for the look a bit like the small ones are falling off the big dots. 
Step 5: Clean up - There shouldn't be much of it. I honestly don't know why did I make such a mess here. 

Maybe I skipped a few steps in this tutorial. But I feel like you all get the point of it. At the same time it is a look that is meant to be created organically so I think if you attempt it there is no need to follow the exact placement. 

Check out more of my work on the page Glam - express, and the many other beauty posts from the talented ladies that write there. 


Monday, August 28, 2017

NOTD: Stargazer nails

August is the best time for Stargazing where I am from. The are thousands of comets all over our night sky. And I wanted to create something a bit inspired by these events. And this is what I came up with and I adore it! <3 

The most comets are always visible right before the dawn. So I wanted to make a dawn inspired look, but with unusual colors - so I choose some of my favorite colors, black, neon yellow and blue :) 

For this manicure I used Kilox Kilo as the black base. The gradients are made with Barry M Blue grape, China glaze Daisy know my name and Wet n Wild Darkest hour. The stamps are made with BPS White stamping polish and BM-XL357 & BM-XL213 stamping plates.

Cgeck out Glam - express for more beauty ideas and trends, created by bloggers from all over the web.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NOTD: Dancing ponies

I love it when I own a stamping plate with the same design but inverted - as you can see from the mani below. I got this spatter pattern in both editions. And that makes it perfect if you want to create some fun background. 

I love how all this turned out - due to the colors it can work as a fancy Winter manicure, a Pastel Spring one or a neon Summer nail art. But I must admit it took a lot of gel top coat since so many details are 3D and I was afraid it will fall off. Also the 2 little ponies did not want to smooth out. I must figure out a way on how to curve these flat gold decorations. 

For this manicure I created the same gradient on all the nails. I made it using Trend it up 210, Sinful colors Cheshire cat and Mad matter. The stamps are made with BPS White and Barry M Gold foil, the plate I used is Y020 from BornPretty Store. 

When you are done here, visit the page Glam - express and check out the work of many other beauty bloggers from all over the world. 


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

TUTORIAL: African Summer

Summer is slowly ending and I just can't get enough of the Summer heat. I know most people don't like it and it can be damaging to the environment. But I wanted to make a manicure as a thanks to the Sun for a lovely season ... Remind me to recreate this mani in December when I will be cursing the snowfall and the bitter Winter cold :)

For this manicure you will need 3 strong and opaque base colors and one sheer glittery one. I used Zoya Darcy, China glaze Home sweet house music and S-he stylezone 320 as the 3 opaque base polishes. And I used Zoya Linds as the sheer glittery one. I know Zoya is a bit on the pricey side, but you can get sheer glittery polishes from any type of cheaper cosmetics line. They are more common than opaque glitter polishes. I also used a black stamping polish and a stamping plate BP-L010 both from BornPretty Store. If you are in the mood feel free to free hand draw any type of hot Summer motives.  

Step 1: Apply one shade on half the nail. No need to be super precise.
Step 2: Apply the other shade, once more no need for precision.
Step 3: Apply the 3rd color, but down the middle, with a dry brush technique. It took me a couple of layers of dry brushing the red over the lines, to cover them all up and make them opaque. 
Step 4: Brush the glitter over the middle red line.
Step 5: Apply the stamps over the base gradient. 
Step 6: Time for clean up and top coat. It might need a bit more top coat since the layers of polish might dry a bit bumpy. 

I hope you like this look and take some time to appreciate all the hot weather that we are getting, since snow and the cold will be here in no time #sadface

Don't forget to visit the page Glam - express to see more Summer beauty looks. 

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