Saturday, September 24, 2016

31DC2016: Day 24 - Book - Dan Brown The Lost Symbol

I don't care if it is considered lame or whatever, but I am a big Dan Brown fan! Thou I like the book versions of all his stories way better than the movies. The movies are kind off fun to watch - and I do believe Tom Hanks makes a passable Robert Langdon. 

I was inspired by the last book I read by him - The Lost Symbol - I can confidently say that this is my all time fave book by him! 

I adored all his books so far since they all happened mostly in Italy - in cities that I visited. So I didn't think that a book by him set in the USA will appeal to me - and boy was I wrong! Who knew all the fun stories can be spun from the USA history. So much fun to read <3

I got inspired by all the 'freemansons' and 'illuminati' and all the other stuff that is mixed in - all their symbols are so cool looking and mysterious. The picture below is what starts the entire chase in the USA Capitol and I just had to recreate it. I also added some extra infinity occult symbols since the main bad guy is a wizard/magician/warlock - still confused by that. And I added a ton of arrows! Why? Partly it shows the pace of the book - it is like all the others incredibly fast! And at the same time I feel like something connecting to the Native Americans should be mentioned in the book. 

For this manicure I used Orly Mirrorball and Wet n Wild Darkest hour as base. The stamps are made with BM-606 plate and Color club Harp on it to create them. The cool symbols are water decals from BornPretty store. 

Also before I forget to mention it - Dan Browns most recent book just got its movie reincarnation - Inferno. It is a mix of themes I like a lot - the plague, Dantes Inferno, Florence, Apocalypse ... It is not as cool as The Lost symbol, but it will do ;)

Check out the trailer above - it is very intense :)

Stay mystical ...

Friday, September 23, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Autumn

My Autumn manicure will be inspired by my Summer - but in the most subtle and secretive way. Dark colors and steampunk theme - how can that be a Summer memory?! - pure madness!!! HAHA *mad scientist laugh* listen carefully :D

Most of my Summer consists of 2 parts : Reading novels and listening to dance music if at all possible on a beach. And my biggest influences were the book Android Karenina and this very cool, almost 'old school' video by Nicky Minaj (check it out below) :)

Nicky Minaj in all her Steampunk glory :)

For this manicure I used Essie Luxedo as base. The stamps are made with Kiko Gold & Taupe, Models own Chrome gold, Essence Steel-ing the scene. The stamping plate I used is MoYou London Steampunk 4. 

You didn't expect this explanation for this manicure did you? ;)


31DC2016: Day 23 - Movie - Alice through the Looking glass (OPI & Urban decay review)

It is not secret I am a big fan of the 1st Alice in Wonderland movie by Tim Burton. So imagine how happy I was when I saw the trailer for the 2nd movie - Alice through the looking glass. You can see the trailer below. 
But the movie was a big let down - and it breaks my heart to say that ;( But all that the movie was about, featured Alice on the sidelines - no iconic symbols. It was all about Johnny Deep - don't get me wrong I love that man - but there is no need to focus so much on him when there is so much more in the Wonderland universe. 

Needles to say I was just too sad to make any nail art - also the movie was very uninspiring so I just did the swatches from all the items I got that were released as part of the movie promotions. At least those were not a total let down. 

I got the set of mini OPI Alice Through the Looking glass collection nail polishes. In the set I got (left from right) I am gown for anything, Oh my Mayesty!, Having a big head day and The I's have it.  You get 4 mini OPI nail polishes in 3,75 mL bottles that are perfect for any lady on the go. I believe that to be the best usage of these polishes since the shades are so classic. 

I am gown for anything - is a very light lavender creme. It is so very bright it even looks like a white or pastel pink at times. The application was very easy and it took 3 thin coats of polish for full opacity. It dried a bit more matte then shiny here.

Oh my Majesty! is a very - VERY - light grey or at sometimes even white creme. It is a color thought to describe since it looks different under different lights. It also has a bright pink shimmer inside. But it is a very shy kind of shimmer so naturally it was impossible to capture on a camera. For full opacity I needed 3 thin coats. 

A big head day is a classic fire engine red. It dries a lot more shiny than the previous 2 polishes. It also is strongly pigmented so it was a almost one coat polish. A very traditional polish.

The I's have it is a bright blue, of a pure pigment, no violet undertones or any type of shimmers. But it still is a pastel that is not neon or special at all. For full opacity I needed 2 coats and once more it dries a lot glossier than the 1st two polishes. 

The amazing promotional artwork shows what are the inspirational colors behind the collections, since they are not as traditional as the last time. 

Here is A mirror escape - the only full sized nail polish I had my heart set to. I love these kinds of polishes - they look crazy when they are textured and majestically pretty when added a top coat. This here are 2 top coats and no top coat. It is a solid gold metallic polish with white dotted matte glitter. That makes it seem like the 1st snow has fallen on a royal crown. 

As you can see I used it HERE as the base for my recent stamping plate review. 

Well at least the red Queen is as bad ass as she was in the 1st movie <3 Damn her design is still on point <3

Urban decay is a brand of make up that I don't have any other items of, since they are very hard to purchase where I am from. But I was blessed enough to get this Lip stick from a friend from USA. I knew of the collection since they had notoriously beautiful packaging. And the lipsticks are no exception. 

The one I own is named the Mad Hatter and it is a 'metallized' lip stick. Meaning it has a metallic like shimmer with slight glitter inside. As you can see from the swatches the lipstick itself looks a bit more full of blue tones, while the actual color that is formed on the skin and lips is more fuchsia toned. The lipstick is a bit on a sheer side, since it took 2 layers of it for full coverage. But it looks like magic on the lips. It features glitter and shimmer on a fuchsia base that bring a very special magic to your lips. 

They even made the White queen a few shades lamer than the last time. I loved her look the last time - all white with black make up - now she is all shades of pink - so boring. 

Also the trailer to the movie - I must admit it got me all hyped up ;(


Thursday, September 22, 2016

31DC2016: Day 22 - Song - Galavant

I know everyone will chose a pop song or a classic ballad as their inspiration for this part of the challenge. But I decided to choose the song I listen to everyday since it is my alarm clock theme. It is the theme song from a fun show Galavant <3 

The show is like a mix of The Princess bride, Mamma mia and Robin Hood: Man in thighs. It is a high budget Medieval themed comedy show with amazing musical bits. The songs, actors and singers - OMG the guest stars - are mind blowing. I just watch it and sing along and laugh my ass off. I do so hope they get the GO light for season 3. 

source: tumblr

This is the song I wake up to! It sums up the show and what it is about while showing off its whimsy tone in song. And the song is so catchy and fun <3 

*info on how I created these nails comes in the following days*

I got inspired by the classic Medieval colors that are flown in the banners in the background. Some sexy knights since they are the main characters. Some flames and a crown, since most of the show is about 'the Game of Thrones'. And now a dragon! Yes King Richard *my fave bae from the show as seen below* has a dragon now - not only is he the owner of Excalibur and has unicorns follow him. His sheer faith made a lizard a dragon! And he is played by Timothy Omundson who I adore since the days I was watching Psych <3

Can you feel the love and the optimism from here below <3 

source: tumblr

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

31DC2016: Day 21 - Color

There is no color that inspires me more than BLACK! It is my happy color - my go to color - the color I consider neutral. So when I had a choice I gladly created this nail art. Thou it didn't turn out quite as I pictured in my head ... but who cares they are black nails and that automatically makes them pretty :)

Once more I got inspired by occult patterns and symbols. I adore the combination of pale moon and dark sky. So I tired to capture that look on my nails with a few extras.

source: tumblr
Also I decided to create my own nail polish. I don't do that often since I tired it in the past and failed miserably. But I decided to make this jelly sheer black nail polish and it turned out great. Perfect if you want to create a muddled black gradient look. 

Creating your own nail polish feels like witchcraft <3

source: tumblr
*how the nails were made comes in the following days*

My constant inspiration is also the show American Horror Story: Coven - is anyone else rewatching the show while waiting for Halloween?

source: tumblr
Stay magical!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

31DC2016: Day 20 - Water marble

NO NO NO! Why there must be a water marble prompt in every nail art challenge? This time I am ready since I got my very own BM-XL210 Water marble stamping plate from Bundle monster. So this is what I came up with and I like it - but not too much since I am not a fan of water marble in general. 

I like how a little flash of holo comes through from time to time under the pattern :)

For this manicure I used Essence Grab this hype, Kiko 296 and Julep Lexie as a mixed base. Then I created a layer of marble stamps with Color club Harp on it. Over it all I stamped with Ya qin an Grey stamping polish. For both layers I used BM-XL210 plate.

This is what inspired my color pallet <3 
source: tumblr

This is what may be a future project when I will be faced with another challenge - I just love this color scheme <3
source: tumblr

NOTD: Charm bracelet

Every girl owns a charm bracelet - sometimes they are a gift, some are mementos and some are just a display of vanity - but all are pretty! Jewelry is essentially something very feminine and every day part of fashion statements, so I decided to capture that in a single manicure. 

I wanted to make something very lady like, in a classic color scheme - pink, gold and nude. Also the 'charms' I wanted to keep very cute, therefore I used a bow, a heart and star ... And the manicure was very simple to create since all you need to do is apply the nail art chain in a way that it seems continuous over all nails.

I used Essence Dare to kiss as base. Then a gel top coat that was the anchor for all the charms. When I was done applying them I just cured my nails and *VIOLA* a finished manicure that is subtle and eye catching at the same time, while giving off a very soft vibe.

This is a great way to wear bling for any lady that can't wear actual jewelry. If nails like these are made with a good gel polish it will last over the weeks, so you are set and you don't even have to worry about losing your favorite bracelet ;) 

At the same time most make up looks feature metallics and pinks, which means these nails will fit most of beauty looks! 

If you want to see some make up looks that might match these nails visit Glam - express to get some great ideas! :)

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