Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TNCC: Christopher Moore - Sacre bleu

Here is the last mani as part of the Books challenge from TNCC. And the last but not least inspiration was Christopher Moore - Sacre bleu. It's an amazing book set in old Paris, starting with the death of Van Gogh. It features many artists, my favorite color - Indigo blue and a muse all wrapped up in comedy that is so Moore :)

The inspiration was all colors of blue but most dominantly the indigo one. The base is full of swirls and brushstrokes. I had to add some mustaches since they where very in vogue back then. Thou don't like most things French I  just had to add the Ooh la la! stamp because I can see the artists in the book just sit in a Cafe, twiddle with their mustaches and catcall the passing ladies :)

For this mani I used Essence Fall for me, Grumpy, LA Girl Brilliant blue, Catrice Royal blue, Be indiglow and Ruby kisses Blues clues as base. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me black/white, Mundo de Unas and Color club Over the moon. The plates I used are MM06, YH810, hehe 015 and BM402.

Here is the book cover so you can see my inspiration and I added some of the blues next to it :)

This is my 3rd post about Christopher Moores books - do you guys want to see more posts like that?


Monday, November 17, 2014

Pick n Mix challenge: Book - Will Grayson, Will Grayson

We all love John Greens book the Fault is in our stars. But I can't see any more of manis with okay written over it. Don't get me wrong I love the book and am recommending ti to everyone I know - but Will Grayson, Will Grayson is a book by the same author that I read recently and I love it just as much! 

It's a very cute story about 2 boys with same names but different lives. The book is written by 2 authors so there are 2 completely different styles of writing. The characters of the book are very cool and so fun :)

So as part of the book challenge I created the fingerprint art from my book cover and added some snowflake fimo slices since the book is happening in the winter and snow is always in the backdrop :)
The polish I used as base is OPI Tomorrow never dies. The stamps are done with BM414 plate, Mundo de Unas polishes.

Did you read any of the John Green books?


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tidebuy wishlist

I got the oppurtunity to order some amazing products from the online shop Tidebuy. But for now I decided to make a little collage of all the items on my wishlist. Feel free to visit their page the prices are very nice and there are sales happening all the time :)

Holo platform stilettos
Butterfly wings heels
Bowtie snow boots
Peep toe black wedges

Candy purple bag
Black plaid bad with chains
Bunny bagg

Jackets and Coats
Jacket with spiked sleeves
Fur Collar Trench Coat
Double breasted over coat with frills

Yellow gradient chiffon shirt
Round Neckline Chiffon Shirt
Hollow Long Sleeve Lace Blouse
Flamingo hoodie
Plaid Sweater
Long black cardigan
Camouflage Cardigan

White Backless Sheath Dress
Black Peek-A-Boo Leather Bodycon Dress
Sleeveless Chiffon Bohemian Dress

Polka-Dots Skirt
Wine Red Falbala Hemline Woolen Skirt

#MoYou30k: Alice

When I think back all the character in Alice in Wonderland are crazy colorful, but Alice herself is quite vanilla. So I gone with something simple and in traditional Alice colors. I used a lot of lace, chess references and bows. I added the flamingo for a splash of color - I love how romantic it turned out! :)

For this mani I used Sinful colors Skinny dipping for the blue base. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me white and black, or Mundo de Unas polishes. The stamping plates I used are MoYou London Princess 4, Princess 13, Scholar 2 and Bridal 8. I added some nice rhinestone bows to give it a bit of a 3D feel.

A cute old school video with Alice in Wonderland references :)


TNCC: Joe Abercrombie - Best served cold

There are books and there are AMAZING BOOKS! The fool by Christopher Moore is one of them. BTW I did some nails inspired by that book also HERE. And Joe Abercrombies 1st law and all the other books are another. 

I wanted to make a mani for my all time favorite of his books - Best served cold. I love the characters, the usual blood and gore, the witty dialogue and most of all Caul Shivers! He is one my all time favorite characters, so much so I took a part of his name and use it as my own on my other social media. :)
I can't recommend Joe Abercrombie books enough - something if you need a break from the main stream that is Game of thrones :)

For the mani I wanted to recreate the cover art and add all the most important parts of the story. As you can see on the bottom picture the cover art features a map, blood, swords and coins. Next to that I added some ruby jewels since a ruby ring was a great big reminder of the sorrow and the driving force of the entire vengeance for which the book is named after. And my favorite part is the silver eye stamp on the pinkie since that is something Caul Shivers is wearing after loosing his eye.

It was instant love when I applied Essence Dare to kiss a perfect combination of dusky rose and nude colors all in a satin finish. The map stamp is made with MM37 and Essence stamp me! black. The blood stamps are made with MoYou London scholar 2 and Dashica Red. The rubies are made with Kleancolor Metallic red and KD25. The eye is done with Star gazer 232 and HD03. And the sword stamps are made with HWH-05. At the end I added some golden rhinestones to double as coins :) 

Here is the cover art of the book so you can see my inspiration :)


Friday, November 14, 2014

TNCC: Books - Dantes inferno

I was slacking a bit when it comes to The Nail challenge collaborative nail arts - but the November theme is Books! OMG Can you believe it! How perfect is that for me who is a complete book worm!? So I will just create some awesome manis this month inspired by books I truly love :) 

And the 1st in the series is Dantes inferno! OMG I read this book in 3 languages, I even read the Dan Brown novel with this theme and I love them all! How can you be such a genius that you create a world for the entire humanity to be afraid of and define how the world sees Hell? Thou it's a tough read I still love it! 

I created a mani with classic Dante 1 - 8 circles of hell - hot and full of demons :) And the accent finger is cold made with dark colors and a lot of blues because its supposed to represent the center of hell that is frozen over wit the devil inside - hence the very subtle devils tail and pentagram :) 

Here I used  LA Girl Sparkle ruby as base. The stamps are done with Mundo de Unas polishes and Moyou London Rockstar 1 plate, the devils are done with HD02. On the accent finger the base is Catrice Black to the roots. The flakies I used are Finger paints Psychedelic hue and Alessandro Punk rock. The stamps are made with KiKO Sky blue and China glaze Scandalous shenanigans and hehe017 and BM305 stamping plates.

Here is a sexy picture of my copy of Dantes inferno :)

In case you are wondering if Dantes inferno is completely outdated - have no fear there is this amazing game and later on a animated movie made awesome :)

Tidebuy Fashion Galaxy Print Round-Neck Sleeveless Short Day Dress review

Dreams come true time over here! I have been obsessing over a galaxy print dress for quite some time and now finally I got my claws on one. The amazing tidebuy made this happen for me! The pattern is just as vibrant as the promo pictures and the material is something like swimsuit material so it's very stretchy and comfortable to wear! 

And I think it's just perfect to pair with some crazy club shoes and a big bun full of my newly purple dyed hair :) Wanna guess what I will be wearing for my next girls night out? :)

So if you like this type of dresses and crazy patterns you can get your very own pretty dress at Fashion Galaxy Print Round Neck Sleeveless Short Day Dress :)

dress: Tidebuy (sponsored)

source: Tidebuy (sponsored)

source: Tidebuy (sponsored)

I am in love with my new purple hair and it fits the purple in the dress perfectly :)


*the item in this post was send to me for my honest review*
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