Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lady Queen review: BC-04 stamping plate

Time to show you another great stamping plate I got from the web store Lady queen. Here I have a great plate from their new collection of stamping plates full of unique designs that have so many patterns anyone can find something they like. I had the honor of trying out their BC-04 stamping plate. And this is the design I came up with to test it out.

Here you can see the plate called BC-04. It offers 2 rows of full sized nail patterns and a small row of smaller images. All the bigger images come in 19 x 12 mm sizes. Some are lace patterns, some geometric and some with a slight eastern influence, there are also a cute angel and deer pattern and a cool scorpion.

The plate is etched to perfection. Which makes it very simple to work with. If you use a sheer stamper you can place the patterns every way you like. I decided to create decals, and they were easy to make and the pattern came out very crisp. I choose the geometric pattern and tried to create a tribal look. And I love how they turned out!

To create this decal I used Essence stamp me!black and BC-04 plate to make them. Then I painted them in with Sinful colors Wisp, Catrice Bronze deco and Kiko 389

I hope this review helped. And if you are on the look out for some new and unique patterns on your Stamping plates visit Lady Queen right away, since the plate I showed here comes in a collection full of amazing plates.

And while you are there don't forget to use the 15% OFF code DVLC15 when you are checking out!



I guess a lot of my regular followers noticed that my most recent INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY should have ended a while ago ... But I decided to make it longer and add another prize. After a long review I choose to give away even more of the Limited edition nail polishes by Essence, since I believe they are an amazing brand that deserves to be shared with all you lovely people who follow me. 


Here you can see the polishes that are up as Giveaway awards! You get a bit of dark winter colors, some shimmers & glitters and a bunch of soft pastels :) They are all LIMITED EDITION ESSENCE shades that are not available in stores :) Since there are so many polishes here I decided to break it apart in 4 PRIZES! This time I added one more set of 3 polishes as an extra prize! But this one will be chosen by me in a special way - more below. 

The Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL (features 3 x 4 nail polishes + 1 x 3 nail polishes) and all you need to do is  ENTER IN THE RAFFLECOPTER BELOW 

<3 <3 <3 GOOD LUCK!!! <3 <3 <3 

JUST CLICK ALL THE LITTLE THINGS HERE IN THE RAFFLECOPTER AND YOU ARE IN! All it takes is for you to follow me on my social media *easy peasy*

Here are the 3 prizes combined. I will break them apart in 3 small sets of 4 nail polishes. 

And this is the EXTRA 3rd prize that I will choose the winner of in a special way. The winner of this prize will be someone who entered in the Rafflecopter but is at the same time the person that is the most active and positive follower on my blog. That can mean anything - but it will be someone who influenced my blog path so far. It could still be anyone. 

Some boring RULES here:

  • You must be 18 or more to enter.
  • The 4 winners will be randomly chosen and will be contacted by me. If the price will not be claimed in 48 hours I will randomly choose another one. 
  • All the items were purchased by me.


Algea - prehransko dopolnilo / Algea - food supplement

*Sorry international followers this post is in Slovene only - enjoy the pretty pictures thou*

Nekaj časa nazaj sem dobila priložnost preizkusiti Algea prehranska dopolnila in po mesecu testiranja sem se odločila napisati recenzijo. 

Gre za tablete, ki vsebujejo 100% sladkovodno mikroalgo Chlorella pyrenoidosa. Kar pomeni, da ne vsebuje sladil, barvil, konzervansov ali glutena. Tako, da se mi zdi da je primerna za vsakogar ne glede na prehrambene navade. Primerna je za aktivne ljudi, otroke in nosečnice, ker vsebuje dovolj hranil za vse potrebe. 

Seveda pa naj poudarim, da tablete niso namenjene temu da zamenjajo cele obroke. Sama sem jih jemala le kot dodatek. V enem pakiranju dobite 250mg ali približno 270 tablet, kar zadostuje za en mesec jemanja. Lahko jih naročite na strani

Kot navedeno v navodilih, ki so priloženi tabletam sem jemala tablete 3x dnevno. Najprej po 3 nato po 5 ob vsakem odmerku. Ponavadi tako, da sem jih vzela nekaj med tremi glavnimi obroki, nato pa še po večerji ali pred zajtrkom odvisno od dneva. So zabavne barve in zanimivega okusa glede na to da imajo resnično okus po algah, ki pričara spomine na morje. (vidite jih lahko na sliki )

Tablete so namenjene boljši prebavi, ki je lahko težavna če se ne gibljemo dovolj, kar je problem pri meni. Moram priznati da sem opazila  izrazito razliko šele po 14 dneh. Napihnjenost, ki me velikokrat pesti je izginila in na trenutke se mi je celo zdelo, da mi tablete malce zavirajo tek, tako so moji obroki postali manjši kar je botrovalo majhni izgubi teže. 

Najbolj privabilo v opisu izdelka je to, da naj bi tablete pomagale pri utrujenosti in uravnovešanje energije. Žal tu ne moram poročati o tako opazni učinkovitosti. Morda sem se počutila malce bolje kot ponavadi, toda ne zdi se mi da bi to lahko pripisala tabletam. Morda je to samo posledica boljšega vremena in drugih dejavnikov. Preprosto rečeno pričakovala sem večje spremembe na tem področju. 

Za konec lahko povem, da je bila izkušnja prijetna in da bi tabletke priporočila komur koli, ki ima težave s prebavo in bi jo rad izboljšal na naravni način. Kajti izboljšave le-te lahko vodi k izboljšavam tudi drugih področij v zdravju.
Če vas zanima več o tem izdelku ali ga želite naročiti obiščite Ob vsakem nakupu pa dobite tudi točke, tako da lahko na koncu dobite brezplačne izdelke. Seveda nudijo tudi veliko drugi izdelkov za naravno izboljšavo zdravja, zato priporočam obisk njihove strani.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

TUTORIAL: Glitter & matt gloss nails

I love matt top coats, but using them in nail art can be sometimes tricky. So I decided to create a tutorial that shows you how to use it in a fun way. I features also some gradients and striping tape, but if those are techniques that you don't like you can swap them with a number of other nail art techniques. But trust me they are both easy if you have some quality nail art supplies and polishes. 

For this manicure you require 2 dark colored polishes, since they are usually very pigmented and therefore easy to make gradients with, also you can always see the matt effect way better on dark polishes. I used OPI Casino royale and Barry M Blackberry. You need a polish with micro glitter or shimmer in a sheer base, I used Catrice Sky & snow. The main star is Catrice Silk matt top coat. You will also need a make up sponge and striping tape. Also a quick dry top coat for some of the in between steps.

Step 1: Apply base polish, preferably the lighter shade.
Step 2: Create a gradient with the darker polish, it makes it easier that way and there is less of a mess to clean up. It is best if you apply the polish on the edge of the make up sponge and then slowly apply it from the middle on the left and right of the middle of the nail until you are happy with the result.
Step 3: Apply a shiny top coat. It ensures that the contrast between the layers is very visible.
Step 4: Make sure all the base nail art is completely dry. Then apply the 1st layer of striping tape. I choose these parallel 3 lines.
Step 5: Add the same number of lines but make sure that they are perpendicular on the first line. 
Step 6: Here the work must be a bit faster, don't use any top coats! Apply the micro glitter nail polish.
Step 7: Apply the matt top coat. It doesn't matter if the base polish is not dry yet. The removal of the striping tape is always easier when the top polishes are still a bit wet. 
Step 8: Pull away the striping tapes in the reverse order as you applied them.

Here is the finished result, and I am quite happy with it. It is a very subtle manicure that can be appropriate for every day and occasion. 

This tutorial was created for the blogger platform Glam express. Feel free to visit them, they are such an amazing place where you can find a tutorial for everything beauty.


Friday, April 29, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: 3 Shades of Red/Orange + Dots

Ladies when it comes to soft balls like dots ... I just can't do it! So many more talented ladies out there with flawless dot manicure make me feel bad! So once more I decided to 'cheat a bit' ! Therefore I choose micro dot glitter and round rhinestones as my dots for this part of the challenge. And once more I am amazed at the sexy manicure that was created in the process <3 

As base I used the amazing indie Alanna Renne Ablaze. The stamps are made with Dashica Red and hehe 025 stamping plate. The nail studs are from Born pretty store. 

What do you think? I love to read all your comments <3


Thursday, April 28, 2016

NOTD: Simple matte geometry

Sometimes the simple things have the biggest impact. I wanted to create something matte that has razor sharp lines. Straight lines are notoriously hard to free hand draw and not always do I want to deal with striping tapes. Stamps are always a good way to go.

The best thing about a good matte top coat is that it gives a new personality to all the base nail polishes. Any blue creme looks goood matte and I was surprised how beautiful a metallic gold polish turned out.

For this manicure I used Catrice Trip into the blue as base. The stamps are made with MoYou London Sci-fi 9 plate and Models own Chrome gold. The matte top coat it also by Catrice.

This nail art was made for the lovely group of creative make up artist and nail artists from the group 

Glam express

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Essence + Catrice Spring nail polish review

Essence and Catrice are without a doubt my favourite cosmetic brands. And twice a year they renew their collections of everything from nail polish to lipsticks. This time I was fortunate to get a piece of the action. I was sent some of the new nail polishes that I bet will be big hits. And while swatching I discovered a few secret perks of owning these *more below* :)

These are the polishes I got - from left to right - Essence Turn up the volume, Bounce bounce, Catrice Robinson Coralsoe and The sky so fly.

First I have for you Essence Turn up the volume. It is a dark reddish pink with a metallic finish. It is a part of a bigger The metals collection. It is a perfect metallic pink that is opaque in one coat, as such polishes should be. It it not too streaky if you are careful when applying it. A great polish for a girl on the go - a girl who likes pink but doesn't want to apply a lot of polish layers. 
And the biggest question that popped in my head when I saw this polish - Does it stamp?! *find out below*

Next I have Catrice Robinson Coralsoe. It is a camera shy polish - a shade that my camera has troubles capturing. It is a dark coral that has red and dark pink undertones. It is just the shade between a light coral and dark reddish pink. It was opaque in 2 coats. And Catrice finally upped their brush game and fixed the bad bristles. Therefore application was very easy.

The Sky so fly was the shade I was most excited about since I am a lover of blues. It is the most romantic periwinkle blue. It has a slight silver shimmer, but it is only seen in the bottle, it does not translate well on the nail. But this shade is the most adorable light sky blue as it says in the name. Also it was opaque in 2 coats, meaning the formula is great!

And a secret BONUS! It is a perfect dupe for Barry M Blueberry. For a lot of us Barry M polishes (that are very pretty) are quite expansive so this Catrice The sky so fly is a perfect dupe. The only difference is the slight silver shimmer in the Catrice polish, but it is so subtle it is practically invisible. 

Each season Essence adds a bunch of new top coats for the upcoming months. As you can see from my Shimmer collection review I did before. This time I have here Bounce bounce the Gummy touch Matte effect top coat. I don't know what I expected from the name - but somehow I expected more since Essence is known for their innovations. This polish is just another matte top coat. Which is not such a bad thing since they almost vanished from our markets. So if you need a top coat that takes away your claws shine this one is great! Quick drying and easy to use. 

And *DRUM ROLL* YES! it does stamp! Essence Turn up the volume is a great stamping polish. As you can see from the photo below it is an amazing stamping polish. Picks up great from the plate and makes a perfect impression even over black nail polish. 

There you have it! A great group of polishes that can get you ready for any Spring occasion. And the best part is their prices are very low but the quality of the products is very high. My kind of brands! So head on over Catrice and Essence web pages and find their nearest store - and believe me there is a store near you that has them since they are a World wide phenomenon <3

I am of buying more of The Metals nail polishes to stamp with :)


*these items were sent to me for my honest review*
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