Monday, September 15, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 15 - Delicate print

When I think of something delicate lace always comes to mind. And how cool is the contrast between the dark claw base made with Catrice Class up-grape and multicolored lace done with Kiko Taupe, Essence stamp me!black, QA94 and MoYou London Bridal 06

I love how this turned out! So classy and a bit evil - something a high end escort would wear? ;)


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Na meji nevidnega - Sci-fi / Fantasy convention

Yesterday I was on my 1st Sci-fi / Fantasy convention that was happening in Slovenia. You must know these things are very rare where I am from! So I was extra excited to go. We went for a couple of hours so we could catch the cosplay competition. And it was quite amazing. I fell in love with the orcs and the Nazgul from LOTR because the boys relay went all the way and made their costumes with real metal pieces! The rest was also quite cute <3

I was just happy so I could go somewhere where people are at least as crazy as me. Since where I am from everything you see on the streets - from fashion to personal style - everything is quite basic. Tattoos, crazy fashion style and fandom is mostly frowned upon :) So hurray for the organisers of Na Meji Nevidnega for making this happen :)

Time for a picture spam :)

Some high quality pictures from real photographers :) A lot of GOT cosplayers came over.

And a few pictures of the swag they where selling there <3

And my 2 favorite parts of the day - a guy in a Pikachu onesie and the black armored details on Nazgul - he relay stole my heart <3

And if you are wondering what I was wearing .. I was happy to be able to get my pirate skirt out finally after quite some time :) So I went as a very simple Gothic Lolita look I guess - I have no clue how to describe my outfit ;)

I kind off liked posting my OOTD so maybe I will post more pictures like this. What do you guys think?


#31DC2014: Day 14 - Flowers

This flower mani is another of those looks that I hoped to look cooler - but when I was done I was not very impressed. Maybe someone from here will like it :) 

The base is Catrice Forevergreen, layered with glitters from Golden rose Carnival collection no.02 and 11. The stamps are done with Konad Royal blue and QA59 and BM404 plates. 


Saturday, September 13, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 13 - Animal print

Time to combine a million things I like in one mani. Favorite animal print - peacock - check! Favorite color combination - teal and purple - check! Favorite technique and finish - stamping and matte - check & check! :)

For this mani I used OPI Mermaids tears, Models own Turquoise gloss and Sinful color Wisp as base. The stamp is done with Mundo de Unas and EDM04 plate. Then I added some dots with the same Models own Turquoise gloss. All finished with a matte top coat. I relay like how it turned out :)

Feeling a bit sassy about this mani so here is fun peacock gif ;)

source: tumblr

Friday, September 12, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 12 - Stripes

Striping tape is the bane of my existence - right behind water marbles :) But I got this cool BPS stamping plate a while back and I had to use it for this part of the challenge :) The base is Yes love G1-2, and the stamps are done with QA90, Essence stamp me!white and Mundo de Unas Neon yellow polish.

I love this turned out and it feels good to be bad when you figure out a way to cheat on a challenge ;)


Thursday, September 11, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 11 - Polka dots

Thou making dots is the easiest form of free hand drawn art I decided to go the other way. I had this Glam polish Hop till you drop on my untried list for a while. And it's made of all dot glitters of pastel colors and different sizes. It's perfect for this part of the challenge. The base is S-he stylezone no.333 and over it I stamped some 'big dots' with Essence stamp me!white and Lily Anna 08 stamping plate.

Somehow this mani reminds me of a pattern you would find an a pastel gothic lolita :)


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 10 - Gradient nails

I don't like doing gradients. They are so pretty but so messy - ain't nobody got time for that :) But I did my best and did this horizontal gradient to swatch Polish Yer Hooves The Monarch over it. This is such a cool indie brand and the owner is the sweetest thing <3 So head on over to Polish yer hooves and get your own bottle of anything from holos to glitter bombs :)

To make the gradient under the glitters I used Julep Lexie, OPI Where did Suzi's man go?, Live love carnival, Essie Style hunter and Tavez 01. The glitters are all one coat of PYH The Monarch - and how cool is this glitter it comes 3 shapes 4 sizes and 5 colors <3

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