Saturday, July 4, 2015

TNCC Superheroes: Captain America / Travel: USA / 4th of July nails

First of all HAPPY B-DAY USA!!! I hope all you lovely Murican buddies are having fun today :)

I went and saw the new Avengers movie the Age of Ultron and it was quite disappointing. I loved Ultron but mostly because I have a huge crush on James Spader and I loved the twins - OMG they were so cool and then they kill one :( Thou most of the movie seemed to me like it was focused on Hawkeye ... Captain America got a couple of good lines and shots so that saved the movie in my eyes :) So he was a great inspiration for my 4th of July nails also <3

Chris Evans is so dreamy I had to recreate his cute face. And then I did a couple of Murica' designs that were inspired by his weapon and costume. I wanted to work with the dark colors and not so much with the primary ones as I saw the other manis being posted out there. 

This sad broken shield gif give me the idea to make a 3D one on my nail. I love his weapon since using only a shield is such a rare thing action movies.

For the red, white and blue parts I used Catrice Roberts red ford, Trip into blue and Sinful colors Wisp. The adorable little face is made with Essence Tra-la-ra, Love is in the air, Barry M Blueberry and China glaze Kalahari kiss. The stamps I used are HWH05 and hehe015.

The best of the part of the Age of Ultron movie <3 


Friday, July 3, 2015

Pick N Mix challenge: Skittles

It has been years *where has the time gone?!* since I played World of WARCRAFT. I loved the game for years but then it got to mean, competitive and downright depressing. There was so much mean folks there and so much grinding required in the game it turned out to much for me considering I had to pay to play it... Thou I am not regretting a moment of it since I meet so many cool folks online that are my real life buddies now <3

But when I was still paying I was a hardcore horde fan! FOR THE HORDE! DEATH TO THE ALLIANCE! It is still something I might mumble in my sleep :) The main champion I played was a Tauren druid and I was a happy cow that kicked butt and healed others. I just never could get on the Alliance band wagon since they seemed so generic to me. 

I posed a fun little clip down below so you can see how the game looks like - whats wrong with it and why it is still so popular even after all this time - all presented in a uber funny way :)

Here is the official crest of the Horde so you can understand the choice of my designs a bit better. I used the purple *that is not shown here* that represents the trolls, the chains and some blood splatter that was the main decorating tool in the Horde universe :)

The base of the mani is Essence stamp me! black and Zoya Carter on the accent finger. On one I added a coat of Essence Night in Vegas. The stamping polishes I used are Mundo de Unas Red, Star gazer no. 232 and Kiko Lavender. The stamping plates I used are BM-416, WB-01 and MoYou London Biker 2.

I am so happy since I scored this horde ring on Bornpretty store :)

Here you can see and laugh at the silliness that WOW can be :)



Thursday, July 2, 2015

TUTORIAL: Boys & girls nail art

I wanted to create a mani that is full of contradictions. So I decided to make a pink super girly part made with stamps. And a ripped shirt boyish part made with water decals. This is a very easy nail art that anyone can do it especially if you are like me and have a lot of water decals laying around that you never use :)

For this mani you need a girly base polish and I choose this no name Vollare. Also a stamping polish and a girly pattern. I choose the roses and lace pattern from MoYou Londom Gothic 5 plate and Essence stamp me! white polish. For the water decals I used the blue plaid ones but since they are way to big for me I cut them with the uneven scissors to make it seem like a ripped shirt.

Step 1: Apply the base polish and some top coat so in case if the stamp is not applied well you can try again.
Step 2: Apply the stamp. If it does not fit the entire nail don't worry since that part will be covered with the water decal. Once more apply some top coat.
Step 3: Apply the water decal. Before I applied it I cut it so it would fit the base of my nail. Also I cut the top edge with the uneven edge scissors. Once more apply some top coat when the water decals are dried so the mani will fall together and it won't look too separate. 

Here are the finishes nails! Don't they remind you of a clash between a girls and a boys wardrobe? :)

This tutorial was made for Glam-express that is a very fun place to check out beauty bloggers from all over :)


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

LadyQueen Review: Hehe 056 Stamping plate

I was contacted by the new amazing online shop LadyQueen that sells everything a blogger needs - nail art supplies, make up, fashion items and things for the home all the very affordable prices. Also on the right side of my blog bar you can see the discount code for their page that you should feel free to use when you visit them. 

For my 1st review I choose this NA0588 Nail Art Stamp Template  that is part of the Hehe series. Here you can see the design after I unwrapped it. It is a perfectly etched stamping plate that was easy to work with and is in perfect condition. 

For this mani I created a mesh of colors with Essence Hello Sunshine, Beautiful lies, Barry M Satsuma and Essie Style hunter. The stamps are made with the wave pattern on the hehe 056 plate the polish I used is Essence Stamp me! black

Here you can see the finished result and I love it since the plate was great to work with. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for unusual and Asian inspired patterns :)

And here it is my 15% coupon code to the entire page - when buying just type in DVLC15


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MoYou London Nail art challenge: Ice cream

Thou the nail art challenge just ended here is my post that I participated with. So the challenge was ice cream themed and it was hosted on INSTAGRAM by MoYou London. I threw my hat in the ring with this little citrus number. Thou it is an epic fail because it just does not want to look cool on the photo. 
I created a 3 colored linear gradient and stamped small citrus fruits over it but it is just not visible enough. Thou I still like how it all turned out - I know it is not a winning look because the IG talent is crazy good - but it's something cute to post anyways :)

For this mani I used Essence Love is in the air, Misslyn Mojito and Catrice Bring me peach for the gradients. I stamped the 1st layer with MoYou London Tropical 8 and Mundo de Unas Yellow. The 2nd layer is Essence stamp me!black and MoYou London Princess 11. Over it all I added some fimo slices from Bornpretty store :)


Monday, June 29, 2015

TNCC Superheroes: Gambit (X-man)

This time I decided to go more abstract with my Superhero mani. I was 1st introduced to the X-men when I was watching the cartoon on TV as a kid. And my all time favorite was Gambit. I had a big teen fan girl crush on him - I think the accent got me. Thou I never understood why was pink part of his color scheme. 
Then the movies came out and he was nowhere to be seen. He made a small cameo in one of the many Wolverine movies - but finally some good news! They are making a Gambit only movie! HURRAY! <3

This is the Gambit I saw in the cartoon as a kid and here you can see most of my inspiration for the mani.

I wanted to make a more abstract mani, therefore I decided to make my nails black and nude the way he wears his gloves. Then to coat the tips with purple glitters since his powers comes from the glow in his hands. And over it all I added a bunch of card suit designs and 3D studs since most of the time he throws cards around - I can't imagine his card budget each month ;)

For this mani I used Wet n Wild Darkest hour and Catrice Nude & rude as base. The glitters are placed from LA Girl Sputter, Golden rose Carnival no. 8 and Essence Million dollar baby. The studs are from Bornpretty store but over them I stamped with China glaze Don't make me wine and Perfet chrome pink while using MoYou London Games 2 plate. 

Here you can see part of his cameo in the movie <3


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pick N Mix challenge: Scales

This mani was in my head for quite some time and now I finally did it! OMG I love it! I just can't get enough of making stamping decals! <3 And it turns out this is a perfect summer mani - YAAASSS everything is on point today :)

Some cute koi gif so you can see my inspiration a bit :)

source: tumblr

The base for decals is Essence Wild white ways and on the accent finger it's Barry M Guava. The scales and the koi are colored in with Essence Black to the roots and Love's recipe, also OPI Where did Suzy's man-go?. The decals are made with hehe 005 and A48 stamping plates and Essence Stamp me! black polish.

And another cool koi gif - that reminds me of the coolest koi ever Tui and La from Avatar the last Airbender <3

source: tumblr
Do you guys ever feel if your nails are on point life isn't so lame after all? ;)

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